This is my “/now” page.

(What’s a “now-page”?)


Since 2018, I am in Munich, Germany for my MSc in Informatics at the TUM.

My primary interests now are in computer vision, deep learning, and engineering software at scale.

I am also taking a break from most social networking sites.


I am currently a werkstudent at Siemens CT (Digital Perception Group) with PD Dr Slobodan Ilic. These days, at Siemens and TUM, I focus on (deep) learning-based 3D computer vision problems.


I am reading ~1 book a month. Recent favorites are Deep Work, Bad Blood, and The Final Emprire (Mistborn #1).


In 2018 and 2019, I have travelled around Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Beligum, Switzerland, Czechia, Hungary, Spain, and Croatia.

I missed trips to the UAE and Italy in 2020.

Last updated in Aug 2020.

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